Spleenberry Crunch

#8787 Spleenberry Crunch

Spleenberry Crunch

Spleenberry Crunch

Derby number: 8787

Age: 27

Why roller derby? Roller Derby is really the sport for people who doesn't like sports. I was never good at football/soccer or swimming, and the one sport I actually liked doing (orienteering) was difficult to start with at a new place - Tromsø. I didn't know anybody, and the orienteering events was always to far away for me to get there (no car for me)..
So when I saw a poster that asked "Do you want to start with Roller Derby?", I couldn't resist, especially after watching the movie "Whip It".
I came, I saw and I fell in love with skating. It is fun. It is hard. It is social. A sport that has it all! Why NOT Roller Derby? ;-)

Likes: My main "thing" in life is music. Reading, playing and listening to it. And I love food. LOVE it. Maybe a little bit to much. So I have to excercise (yay, Roller Derby). ;-)

Dislikes: I really don't know. It changes I guess :-P

Athletic Background: I've tried a lot of different sports.. Gymnastics when I was a little girl, handball (tried it for two weeks, didn't work for me), football/soccer (I sucked so hard at it, but it was fun, just to many girls talking bad behind everybodys backs..), orienteering (which I loved), floorball (just for a couple of months, wasn't quite me..) and of course physical education at school..

Bio: I'm from a little "village" called Sørreisa, where I also grew up.
I have a bachelor in teaching (specialization in music), and soon a master in Musicology.
At my free time (besides longing for skating time), I sing in a Choir called Tromsø Akademiske Kvinnekor.

Strenghts on the track: My big butt - imma blocking your way! ;-P

Weaknesses on the track: I may be a little scared of to much speed ...