#27 Rabeate

#27 Rabeate

Derby number: 27


Why roller derby? Why walk when you can roll?

Likes: My friends, my art and my team!

Dislikes: Svenskt Näringsliv and thunder storms.

Athletic Background: Between 1991 and 2001 you found me on the back of a horse, if I wasn't at school or out with my scout group.

Bio: I'm half Swedish, half Norwegian and grew up outside Gothenburg in Sweden. For eleven years I worked as a lighting designer, prop maker and set designer before I began to study art. Now I am studying for a Bachelor in Contemporary Art at Kunstakademiet here in Tromsø.

Strenghts on the track: I´m short and proud of it! Hobbits are very useful!

Weaknesses on the track: Not the bravest of hobbits...