#42 Panserbinna



Derby number: 42

Age: 30

Why roller derby? After a long life of being scared of the ball, I had almost given up on finding a team sport to fit me. When I realized there were ladies in Tromsø racing around on quad skates and hitting each other, I had to give it a try even tough I was sure I was too much of a pussy. Was completely in love with the sport and the girls on the team after the first practice!

Likes:Pop corn, beards, roller skates, bad humour, fantasy books, polar bears, snow, concerts and equality.

Dislikes: Bigots, injustice, men with waxed chests, global warming, football, heights and inequality.

Athletic Background: Apart from being the best at being the worst in gym class, my adult self has taken up hiking, kayaking and climbing.

Bio: I was born in the land of "sodd", "heimert" and "trønder rock", but at some point I decided to hang up my moccasins and leather vest and move to Svalbard to drive over glaziers under the northern light, to look for polar bears. The hunt for the perfect job brought me to Tromsø. When I am not on my skates I work as a journalist, and am lucky to be allowed to spend a fair share of my work day on social media ;)

Strenghts on the track: I am a decent blocker. When I put my ass into it, I am not the easiest girl to pass;)

Weaknesses on the track: Speed, as in not having any.