#9 Ona



Derby number: 9

Age25 (soon)

Why roller derby? Because Motörhedda called me up and said "Hey, wanna try this sport that all the other girls from Andøya are doing? Let´s go to the startup meeting in Tromsø" and I said "Okay". I didn´t know anything about the sport, but my interest grew rapidly as each of us few people in our fresh club of ´11 had to coach the team in turns. Now I get chills when I think about the feeling I get when I´m on track with my friends and we manage to do something awesome together!

Likes: My boyfriend, our apartment, food that tastes like cinnamon (especially pancakes and rice porridge), food that doesn´t taste like cinnamon (especially things with melted cheese), building things/making things/painting things, work (sometimes), studying (sometimes), vacations (always), sunny days and green stuff. And dogs!

Dislikes: Waking up in the morning on weekdays, too many appointments in one day, speaking in front of a crowd (du-uh unlike no one), training in the morning, people touching my hair..

Athletic Background: I love snowboarding. Did it for 1-2 seasons when I was 13-14 years old and then I picked it up again last year. I played football for aprox two weeks in high school, but I hated it. And I trained for cross-country skiing with a group of friends for 6 months before the season when I was 15 years old. We had big plans of joining competitions that winter, but ended up going to a ski resort to snowboard instead!

Bio: I´m from Andøya in the north of Nordland. Moved to Tromsø in 2009. I study medicine and have one year left before I can work as an intern. Can.not.wait. to not be broke constantly anymore! In my spare time I work in the emergency ward, do derby stuff, refurbish the apartment, chillax, make/eat food, watch tv-series, work out (sometimes), hang out with friends, drink beer.

Strenghts on the track: I´m strong and I don´t feel sorry for myself if I get hit. I learn new skating techniques pretty fast.

Weaknesses on the track: I am not competitive at all, so I might sometimes be too happy-go-lucky for some people. I´m not good at tactics!