Northern Fright

#10 Northern Fright

Northern Fright

Northern Fright

Derby number: 10

Age: 26

Why roller derby? Because it's awesome. You're working out, but it doesn't feel like working out because it's so much fun. Also, it makes you feel like a badass, which is a feeling I was sorely lacking in my life prior to this.

Likes: Books, rock and heavy metal, Alice in Wonderland, beer, Liverpool FC, books, knitting, books, TV shows. Also, did I mention books? ‘Cause… books.

Dislikes: books with good premises that turn out to be badly written (actually, make that badly written books in general), wine, feet, all forms of open water and the things that dwell down there, the patriarchy.

Athletic Background: A childhood of being picked third last for PE, not to mention sucking at handball for about five years and at football for two. All of that was followed by nine years of actively avoiding anything workout related, before I finally found roller derby.

Bio: I come from Alta, but moved to Tromsø in 2012 to study my first love: literature (which was initially supposed to be literature and Spanish, but I bailed on that last one). Currently, I’m still studying literature and working part time at a kiosk where I spend my days trying not to notice the candy and cakes we sell.

Strenghts on the track: TBA… as soon as I figure it out :)

Weaknesses on the track: Some might say I'm bad at staying on my feet; I like to think of it as being very good at falling down. Also, those nine years of actively avoiding the gym has left me a tiny weakling so I'm no good at anything requiring, you know, muscles.