#7 Motörhedda



Derby number: 7


Why roller derby? Because. There is no sport like roller derby. I've played handball, football and I've tried swimming, and none of it worked for me. I have never mastered a sport until I tried roller derby. Roller derby is the perfect sport for all those who feel like they are no good at sports. Everybody can be good at roller derby if they really want to. I feel awesome whenever I play roller derby. It is the best. I will never stop doing it!

Likes: My Spotify playlists, Christmas, chocolate, my LP’s, ice tea, my Dorothy vans, knitting, being outdoor, food, Disney, baking, my bunad, animals, people who are kind to animals, and the color red.

Dislikes: Coffee, pasta, nuts, wine, bad manners and bad attitude

Athletic Background: I played handball for two-three years, nothing special other than joining a gym here and there, doing some yoga. I LOVE hiking and taking trips to the mountains

Bio: I come from the prettiest place in Norway, a little village called Bleik. When I’m not on the track I’m busy working on my masters degree in pedagogic.

Strenghts on the track: I’m not afraid to take a hit (or giving one), which makes me a pretty persistent jammer. Also, the team work between me, Ona 9 and El Pollo Diablo is always fun!

Weaknesses on the track: Getting too eager