Marnie Burn

#68 Marnie Burn

Derby number: 68


Why roller derby? After staying in South Africa with one of the players from ARD who played Roller Derby there, I wanted to try it myself!

Likes: I like to travel and go to concerts.

Dislikes: Peoples non-existing respect for lines and queues.

Athletic Background: I played handball when I was young!

Bio: I come from Lødingen the best little town on earth at 68 degrees north (explaining my derby number). I live in Tromsø where I study medicine at the university.

Strenghts on the track: I can make a lot of noise! Keeping track of the jammer and screaming out its position is my biggest strength.

Weaknesses on the track: Keeping control of my forearms..

Marnie Burn

Marnie Burn