Kæm Ka Katti

#7843 Kæm Ka Katti

Kæm Ka Katti

Kæm Ka Katti

Derby number: 7843

Age: Halfway to 50...

Why roller derby? Why not?

Likes: Pink and glitter! Also travelling.

Dislikes: Ears and animals that are in proximity to me.

Athletic Background: Sprained a finger playing volleyball, dislocated an ankle during taekwondo. Tried curling once, wasn't very good at it. I was also very bad at any sports involving balls.

Bio: I'm from Alta, and am currently working as an educational supervisor in kindergarden... except I don't want to do that anymore so I plan to start studying economics. In my spare time I make cakes, and am exceptional at it.

Strenghts on the track: Blocking!

Weaknesses on the track: Speed and crossovers.