#2 Hammertime



Derby number: 2

Age: 22

Why roller derby? Roller Derby is the best team sport I've ever participated in. The roughness, speed and agility it requires is exciting. I only crave more!

Likes: Skiing and climbing are my favorite activities besides skating in ARD. When I'm not jumping around I like watching tv-series. Alot.

Dislikes:  I do believe that commercials are a crime. And can I say that I HATE gyms? People should get outside more.

Athletic Background: I've tried basket, handball and taekwon-do in the past. And football. But that wasn't so much fun. Now I've enjoyed climbing for 8 years and freeride skiing for 1 year - I love my life this way!

Bio: I'm from Tromsø and work as a nurse at the University Hospital (UNN Tromsø) here.

Strenghts on the track: I'm unafraid! And I always want to do my best:)

Weaknesses on the track: I've never been able to say what's left or right in a normal amount of time if someone asks me directly. The same goes for roller derby directions: outside? Inside?! Fuck, outside I mean...! Inside of course, daaaah. Outside. Yup. There goes the jammer...