Boot camp weekend in Narvik

Some of the girls from Arctic Roller Derby were lucky enough to get to spend a wonderful weekend skating with our derby sisters from Bodø Roller Derby in September.

 Every fall the skating association in northern Norway arrange a weekend for the different groups in the region, and Roller Derby has been part of this for the last two years.

Five skaters from ARD and four skaters from BRD got together to spend more than six hours skating during the weekend. We were happy to have two coaches with us from England. Ollie and Thom used to play for Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder, but has moved to northern Sweden to run with huskies.

 We spent a lot of time practicing strong walls and laterals as well as individual skills. We also got to show some of the younger speed skaters what the game of Roller Derby is all about. Everyone learned a lot during the weekend.

During the weekend we did also have a officials work shop with the head NSO and head ref of Oslo Roller Derby. We learned a lot about the roles of the different officials during a game, and about how to go about getting officials when we want to arrange a game.

But not all the weekend was spent working out. Most of us stayed at the same school, and we got to hang out, get to know each others, shared meals, and a big barbecue on Saturday night.

We were all tired and sore but also a bit sad when the weekend was over and we got in our cars to drive home. Already looking forward to the next boot camp!